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What Is A Bumper Deflector Or Valance?

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So you have heard about the bumper deflector or valance. What is it exactly? Well, when considering the general definition it is a piece of metal that hangs loosely from a bed, table, or shelf to hide what is underneath for decorative purposes. But we are not here to talk about that. We will be talking about your car’s bumper deflector. So what is a bumper deflector? Well, the following passages will be a discussion on bumper deflector or valance.


A bumper deflector or valance is usually on the front and/or rear of any car or truck from any era. The design of the valance varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This depends on the aerodynamic efficiency pursued by the automaker. Depending on this the valance can be a narrow trim piece that directs airflow just like an air dam. Or the valance can be a large piece of material that has an integrated airflow lip at the bottom.

In some models, you will see that there are more than one valance or deflectors. A valance on the passenger side and one on the driver side of the car. So these valances are basically partial pieces. They do not cover the entire car and only cover partial spaces and directs airflow from those positions.

You can also find valances or deflectors that have no hand in aerodynamic efficiency. This means that the only thing those valances or deflectors do is that they provide cover for the lower part of the bumper or bumper cover. In the front of your car, this can work as a protector to the lower part of the radiator. And in some cases, the valance bridges the gap between different dual exhaust pipes that may be located on the opposite corners of the vehicle.

Materials Used

Usually, you will find that vehicle bumper deflectors/valance are made out of the same material as your car’s bumper. While this may be true for most it is not always the case. Like in old car models you see that bumpers are made out of steel and the valance is also made out of steel. However, you can also find that there are many old car models that do not have matching material between the bumper and deflector.

In later models, you can find many with exposed steel-and-chrome bumpers but with plastic bumper deflector/valance. In recent models, you are guaranteed to find cars with plastic bumpers and valance. Since valances are positioned lower near the ground they are susceptible to damages from speed bumps, angled driveways, potholes, and etc. Sometimes valances that aren’t hanging from a low angle gets damaged. This may happen due to debris and rocks hitting during driving, parking lot stops, and others.

Older models had metal sheets as valances. This made it a hassle to remove and replace and usually required experts with automotive bodywork experience to work on the car. However, newer models have plastic trims and it is pretty simple and easy to remove and replace. All you need to do is just remove and reattach the bolts on the trim and you are done. So if you have an older car with metal bumper deflector/valance then you should contact an expert for the replacement and repainting job. But for plastic trims, you can do it yourself.

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