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Knowing Car Hood Covers Before Buying

by Fabian Ortiz
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There are plenty of cars with similar profiles on the market today. Car hood covers are a great way to set yourself apart or show support for the thing you love. These covers also provide some protection for the auto body parts in the front end of the car.

Like most car related things there are plenty of choices when it comes to car hood covers. When there are a lot of choices there is always the option of being confused about what to buy. Here is a list of the types of hood covers so that you can make an informed decision on what to buy.

Types Of Hood Covers

Your car’s aesthetic appeal obviously matters. We try our best to make our look cool. A car says a lot about a person. Your car’s hood cover was designed to protect the hood and the front-end of the car. The covers provide protection for the hood from damages caused by sand, dust, and debris.

Along with protection, the hoods adds a much-needed flair to your car. There are lots of different types of hoods available on the market. This is why you should know what they are so you can make an informed decision on what you need.

Full Hood Covers: The most common type of hood cover these are usually made of polyester with either Lycra or Spandex. These covers normally are customizable, there are fade-resistant printing methods. You can put your favorite sports team up there or your business’ logo for some of the clock marketing.

There are online stores that will help you make a customizable cover. All you need to do is follow their guideline and provide them with the image they want to use.

There are padded full hood covers as well. These are for use only when your car is stationary. Usually held in place by magnets, these are really great products for pet owners. If you have a cat then you can protect your cover and hood from getting scratches with these covers.

Vehicle Bras: These are the type of covers that only cover the front end and part of the hood. Although there are different designs and there are different car bras for different types of car models. These covers are made from durable material and is extremely weather resistant.

There are guarantees regarding the durability for these covers so make sure you look into them. One thing you should make sure is that the underside of the cover should have a soft fabric so as to limit the damage caused by friction. There are two different types of Vehicle bras as well those are T-Style hood bras and Magnetic Car Bras.

Protective Film: Protective film is like cling film but for cars. These are usually cut into shapes for you stick on or you can find it in rolls which you cut to the shape of your car.

This is a light protection but provides good cover from bugs end dust. The good thing is you can get Protective film for your mirrors and fenders. This will add extra protection for your car.

Hood Guard: Hood guards are more commonly known as bug deflectors. These are barriers at the front edge of the car and is used to deflect dust and small debris. This type of hood cover helps out with protecting the hood and the lower side of the windshield. These can be customized to your need and you can put your own style on it. These are made of acrylic plastic or chrome so some people even have them tinted to avoid glare.

Making An Informed Decision

Here you go, these are your common types of hood covers. Before buying them you need to find out which of these will be the best for your car. You can find them at auto body parts shop that supplies retail or wholesale. You can easily get them online. There are plenty of shops that provide great discounts on purchase. So make sure you check them out before you buy them.

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