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6 Leaders in Healthcare Industry That Are Inspiration for Millions

by Fabian Ortiz
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1. Katherine Di Palo, PharmD, clinical program manager, Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, Montefiore health system, Bronx, New York.

In just a few years, Katherine, aged 32, has transformed her experience as a pharmacist to co-chairing the executive council of hospital readmissions steering committee at Montefiore health system. Di Palo heads a group of team leaders managing care infrastructure, information technology, data analysis and multidisciplinary education. She aims to improve the organizations goals according to the outlines established by the institute of healthcare improvement.

2. Patrick Fenningham, chief product officer and executive vice president, EIR Healthcare, Philadelphia.

Fenningham, aged 33, started his career as a biochemical engineer at Johnson & Johnson, later acquiring an MBA and shifting his career towards product management and analysis for Siemens Healthcare. After serving as Head of operations at Thomas Reuters intellectual property and science, he is now working for EIR healthcare in strengthening product strategies and driving innovation to establish the company’s role as a pioneer in modular technology.

3. Vivek Garipalli, co-founder and CEO, Clover Health, San Francisco, California

Vivek is addressing a demographic endemic that most choose to ignore, that is improved healthcare and medical outcomes for the elderly population that often face medical and social negligence. Under his leadership, Clover enterprises is now the pioneer firm of integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning models for this subset of the population. It is currently a company employing around 500 people, and improving lives of over 40,000 people that comes under its medical advantage plan.

4. Dan LaVallee, director of Government & Business Relations for Government Programs, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan (UPMCHP)

After completing his Master’s degree in health policy, Dan joined America’s health insurance plan in 2010. Nominated as the youngest democrat for Pennsylvania but unable to win the election, he joined UPMCHP in 2015. Ever since, he is involved in solving the healthcare issues of undeserved and minor populations such as Medicaid, the LGBTQ community and homeless and disable population who are unable to afford housings and healthcare.

5. Brigitte Nettesheim, president, North Central Region and Joint Ventures, Aetna, Chicago

Netthesheim, aged 46, began leading Aetna’s strategies for its joint ventures as well as North central regions in 2018. Her role is centered around improving the companies relationship with consumers, employers and providers diversifying the company’s objective of providing optimum healthcare resources. Previously, she also held roles in Aetna’s strategy, sales, service and network department. She has also served the U.S army in the past being promoted to the post of captain.

6. Darren J. Sommer, DO, FACOI, founder and CEO of Innovator Health, and assistant professor of medicine and technology, New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University

Sommer, 47, was the first to introduce the technology of telemedicine in the healthcare system, providing life-like patient-physician contact at the bedside in 3D format. His pursuits have benefitted thousands of rural and underserved population that now have access to better healthcare. Sommer also has 23 years’ worth of military experience and is now a lieutenant colonel in the army reserves.

Above all, these leaders understood the importance of tech in healthcare including medical diagnostic imaging.

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