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How to Split A PDF

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Splitting Files in Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat has come a long way since it was released in 1993. During those years, it has made its way to become a standard for editing, viewing and sharing documents, etc. With time, developers, making use of the free flow of information have created tools and features, that has made the user experience only improve and with that being said, splitting files is not an exception.

Adobe Reader is a great PDF editor to delete pages and it also comes with in-built splitting features, but it will only allow you to use it if you have paid for it. If you want to get a few things done, download the free version and afterward cancel the subscription. But then again, since it is a temporary solution, you will need to consider the paid version if there are other things to be done as well. Splitting the document will require selecting the document first and then choosing one amongst available options in the “Files” section in the “Home” menu. Selecting the “Document Cloud” option will allow you to work on the saved documents in your cloud account. Whereas selecting “My Computer” will enable you to choose documents from your computer.

If your documents are saved in third party storage such as Dropbox, it will allow modifying those documents as well. Once the document has been selected, click “Organize PDF”. A new window will appear, click the “Split” option from the “Organize Pages”, toolbar. Using the toolbar, you will specify how you want your document to be split. There are three ways to split your document.

1. Number of Pages

This option will make files by splitting your documents that consist of a certain number of pages. Proceed to enter the number of pages.

2. File Size

The option will split your document into files, which have a certain size limit since some email service providers and programs have size limits, this option will be feasible for you to make file sharing via emails easier.

3. Top-Level Bookmarks

As the name itself suggests, this option will split your documents according to the bookmarks that have been placed by users. After you are done with choosing your preferences, click “Output Options” to provide a location for the document to be saved and how the files that are now split should be named. Finalize your preferences by confirming and start the splitting process by selecting the “Split” button. After the process has ended, a notification will pop up informing you the number of files that have been created. The documents, which have been newly split, will be saved in the location that you had preferred in the settings.

Google Chrome

If you have Google Chrome as your default browser, let us inform you that it has plugins, which allow you to split documents with ease. Plugins such as Split PDF and PDF Splitter are great options. With great features that are offered, there are also some limitations attached to these plugins. You can jump online to find out which one will work out for you.

Moreover, if you need a PDF editor online tool to delete pages other than Adobe Reader, you can use online tools for that. Most of them are free.

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