The Best 4 Remote Finance Jobs


Not all finance jobs require you to go to a physical office and work there. There are some high paying finance jobs that you can do from anywhere if you have the expertise. Since the finance sector over the world is welcoming modern employment flexibility a lot of remote finance jobs are opening right now. We are going to talk about the best 4 remote finance jobs that you can from anywhere of your choosing.

Financial Planner

If you have enough knowledge and expertise, you can become an individual financial planner and that way you can help other businesses thrive. You can either work with people working on creating something new or you can just go to large firms that require a financial planner because finance is hard to understand. Also, you can take on long-distance customers and organize your meetings online which will let you work remotely.

Day Trader

Those days where people would scream a lot for a trade to happen on the trading floor are mostly over. Trading on websites will be the new cool in the finance sector. Trading is hard but if it is something you are good at then you don’t need to be bound to an office. You can make trades from anywhere and where it has the Internet. A day trader doesn’t have a regular salary but the smart ones always win in the end even if they fall badly. You don’t need an office to be a day trader but you need a deep understanding of the stock market if you want to be taken seriously.

Outsourced Finance Jobs

Companies in the finance sector are outsourcing more jobs now than ever before. These jobs can include positions, e.g. financial analyst, tax researcher, expert accountant, etc. A lot of companies are outsourcing jobs that you can do if you have the knowledge. Outsourced jobs don’t need employers to pay for office space and other maintenance costs. You can easily find remote finance jobs.

Financial Writer

Writers don’t need an office to work. They can write from literally anywhere. If you have good knowledge about finance, you can become an expert and start writing for financial journals, financial papers, financial websites, etc. If you have deep knowledge and insight about finance, you can write for the financial sector in a language that anybody understands. You may find it hard to believe but building a solid career in finance doesn’t mean you have to go to college even if you take some courses online and build skills. Financial writers are in high demand because their words keep the crowd engaged.


There is a huge number of remote finance jobs available right now. With a little bit of search, you will get jobs easily. You should not take these jobs for granted though, because they tend to be short in this period of life but the good news is there is always Gohan. And you can find almost similar things if you are looking for remote accounting jobs instead.