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Tips to Keep Your Walking Shoes or Boots Clean

by Fabian Ortiz
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When it comes to footwear, one thing is clear that walking shoes or boots are not just like some other throwaway items. It’s because you can’t replace them whenever you go outdoors where you need climbing shoes womens. So, you should know the ways to keep walking or climbing boots and shoes look good.

You should do it before they become an old looking item and regular basis. It’ll not just ensure the looks of your shoes; it also will help you keep them usable for a long time. That’s why it’s very essential to take good care of your shoes regardless of they are normal womens climbing shoes or normal walking shoes.

If it makes you stressful how to keep them clean, then just go with us up to the end of the content. It’ll help you with all the ways, so let’s know them below:


It’s simple to get your shoes dirt and mud at the end of a busy walking day. As it’s a way to get them worn and rugged look, this is not good for longevity and performance. If there is dirt in the sole’s grooves, you’ll get fewer grips. As a result, you may lose the footing when you accumulate grime and mud on the upper part.

Also, it can affect the nature of your boots breathable and waterproofing. That’s why you always should ensure you wash them nicely after a profound use. When it rains, you can get water on them through a pond to wash through some damp grass. It’ll help you to get off some mud.


You now have cleaned your shoes with a good scrub and have removed all of their dirt. It’s time to put them open drying. But, avoid keeping it for drying beside the fire because it may cause warp and crack of the leather of the boot. Also, it’s not good for synthetic boots.

So, you have to go through the natural way to dry like drying on the sun. Use newspaper to cut down the moisture and let them leave to get dried naturally. Also, if you stuff them with newspaper, it’ll help you to keep your shoes or boots on their original shapes.


Boots Inside

So, you’re taking better care of your shoes and it also a regular basis. But, the sweat that secretes from your feet can make your boot affected their breathability and waterproofing that cause odor.

In this issue, just fill your shoes with warm water and keep them for 12 hours to clean inside of your shoes or boots. After that period, simply wash them with normal water and naturally dry them.

Conditioning Plus Waterproofing

Although most types of hiking boots come with a waterproofing membrane, repellent, or coating, this is not the case every time.

So, it’s very important to take the right care of the waterproofing of your shoes and boots along with their conditioning as well. It’ll ensure the longevity and breathability of your shoes.

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