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Unlimited International Calling Plans for Students & Tourists

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If you’re going to call worldwide, you usually have two different ways to go with. One of them is bolt-on packs and the other one is pay-as-you-go rates. On the other hand, there are different apps for you if you like to avoid the common cellular calls. But, if you need to make some traditional calls you have to use SIM enabled phone. The days are gone long ago when it was very costly to international calling. You’re right we’re going to know about some unlimited international calling plans that are suitable for students and tourists. So, simply go through the entire content to find your perfect plan.

Who Does Allow You International Calling?

There is a part that they don’t but many of them allow it and very popular as well in worldwide calling. But, you may get puzzled when you’re new in a country as a student or tourist. So, you need the assistance to find out your desired plan in some unknown place. Well, let’s know about the global calling plans of different mobile operators.


Which one is the Best to choose – Bolt-on packs or pay-as-you-go? These are two options you have if you want to make the international calls. If you take T-Mobile, you’ll get economic calls to Canada and Mexico. But, it’ll be subject to pay-as-you-go rates if you call to the mobile phones and landlines in other countries. For example, if you want to call in a mobile or landline in Australia, you have to go through $1.99/minutes. But, you can globally if you upgrade to ONE Plus International Bolt-In plan. This plan offers you to call in more than 70 countries with an extra $25 per month.

Verizon Mobile

At the question of worldwide calling, Verizon has stepped up than many others. You’ll find a 20 GB mobile hotspot with a huge data de-prioritization of 75 GB. It also includes 500 GB data storage in the Verizon Cloud with a lot of talk time, data, and text options. Moreover, it enables you to call more than 130 countries globally.

Tello Mobile

This operator offers some lowest rates for international calling. For example, 1 cent texting and 3 cents voice call to most of the countries. But, if you call to Canada and Mexico you’ll get domestic rates in this plan. The best thing about Tello is that you’ll get the exact text and talk time that you need. It means that you’ll never stick paying for the calls or data that you don’t use.

Metro by T-Mobile

This is also good for international users and it follows its parent company T-Mobile’s plans. It also has a plan of $50 for limitless access to data and calling. Moreover, you can call from it to more than 75 countries from the United States.

Bottom Lines

These are about unlimited international calling plans for various mobile operators. There are other options like go business mobile plan $100 available if you want to try something different. You’ll be able to enjoy a good service if you choose from any of the above-said plans.

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