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How to Move a TV Without the Original Box or Case?

by Fabian Ortiz
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Moving a TV without its original packaging can be nerve-wracking. Your expensive, delicate item feels exposed and at risk.

When we moved last year, transporting our big-screen Smart TV was a top priority. Like most people, we had long since discarded the styrofoam and cardboard that came with it. 

With some clever packing tactics and precise transport measures, our TV made it through the journey flawlessly. Below I’ll walk you through how to safely move a bare TV in your own move while avoiding damage. 

I’ll also share some of my own real-life long-distance moving mishaps and solutions also the best movers in edmonton. Follow these tips, and you can sit back and stream movies in your new place in no time.

Gather Your Packing Supplies

The key is to fully secure and pad your TV inside your vehicle. You’ll want to collect:

  • Bubble wrap: Wrap the entire TV in a thick layer so nothing touches the screen.
  • Blankets or towels: Layer soft fabrics around the TV for padding.
  • Boxes and tape: Box in the layered TV if possible, or securely tape blankets around it.
  • Straps or cargo bars: Stabilize the TV and prevent sliding and tipping.

I packed our 50″ TV in three layers of thick, high-quality bubble wrap – much more than felt needed. I secured it with a moving blanket cocoon and strapped it in place in the moving truck. The cosseted TV arrived looking brand new!

Transport Vertically and Securely

However you transport your TV – whether in a moving truck, SUV, or trailer – the guidelines are the same:

  • Move it vertically, never laying flat or on its side. Tip: Set on its screen edge so all weight is distributed evenly.
  • Secure firmly in place so there is no chance of sliding, swaying, or bouncing around. Use straps, cargo bars, tie downs, and anchor to sturdy surfaces.
  • Pad underneath if setting on a hard surface. A towel or piece of styrofoam prevents vibration damage.
  • Drive slowly and avoid potholes or curbs. Sudden vehicle jolts transfer through the TV.

I’ve moved TVs long-distance twice. The first time, we stood the TV upright in the center of the truck. This allowed it to slide back and forth each time we accelerated or braked – not good! Now I know TVs need to sit flush against a padded wall or be strapped into cargo bars.

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Additional Large TV Moving Tips

If transporting an especially large, heavy TV:

  • Remove the stand if possible. This prevents torque stress on the screws and inputs.
  • Consider renting a specialty TV box from your local moving store. These boxes have serious padding and braces to immobilize the contents.
  • For a huge TV, have two people lift while a third person guides and steadies the TV. Lifting incorrectly can crack the screen.
  • Don’t attempt to mount onto the wall right away. Let the TV sit a few days post-transport before drilling holes.

I attempted to move my brother’s 70″ flatscreen once. The thing was so enormously heavy and unwieldy, we almost dropped it down the stairs! Thankfully the best movers in Edmonton came to save the day.

Now Sit Back and Relax in Your New Place!

Once you securely transport your TV in a vertical, padded, and strapped position you can breathe easy. Take time setting up your new entertainment system and be sure to test picture quality before mounting onto the wall.

Follow these TV transport and moving tips, and you’ll be streaming movies and shows before you know it. The key is preventing any sudden crunching, dropping, or jarring along the way. 

With some TLC, your TV will arrive looking and functioning like new. Then after the move, you can officially kick back and binge watch on that lovely screen you so carefully transported!

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