Advantages of Open Advanced MRI That You Might Not Know


For most people, it’s a common question: what is an open and advanced open MRI and what are the advantages of this type of MRI. Before you learn about the ‘Advanced Open MRI,’ it’s essential to know about open MRI.

It refers to the use of lots of various types of tools while doing an open MRI. Many imaging centers and hospitals refer to use their devices as an open MRI. That means the bore is larger or it’s 3-side open on.

When it comes to the open advanced MRI, it’s the type of MRI that has equipped with weight-bearing and unique design. This MRI has still not spread widely, but available in some high premised medical centers and hospitals.

Well, let’s know what the advantages are while going through the processes of the open MRI.

Helps Patients to Overcome the Issue of Claustrophobic

Reducing the symptoms of the issue like claustrophobia is the major benefit of the open MRI. It’s because this is a big issue of many patients that need to go through MRI. Patients scare of while going under the closed MRIs.

But, when they’re in this method of open MRI, they can overcome the issue. Out of ten, one patient found the issue of clinical claustrophobia. And one out of four of them has experienced the issue of claustrophobia while doing an MRI.

The issues include chest contraction, complexity breathing, higher blood pressure, and hot flashes. Also, it links with issues like nausea, sweating, and hyperventilating. But, these things found rarely if patients are on open MRI where they can see a window and even hold their family member’s hands.

An MRI technologist said some patients have told them that they fear to go through the tube of closed MRI. Also, they stopped the process because of the patient’s claustrophobic reaction.

Offers a Large Number of Imaging Options

The weight-bearing, open MRI is nicely able to meet the need for a large scale of imaging needs. These include orthopedics such as feet, legs, arms, hands, wrists to dental and through the practicing of MRI coils.

An MR coil in an MRI is very crucial which you can understand when you study about the open vs closed MRI. It’s because it works like a wireless antenna to get the signals of radio. Thus, it helps to capture your body’s images. It appears like a frame that covers the body part while scanning.

Get More Correct Diagnoses

This type of MRI is not just open for all sides; it also comes with the option of scanning with a weight-bearing. It helps you to take the scan while a patient is lying down in a normal position.

As it repeats the normal density that tissues feel regularly, it allows radiologists to diagnose abnormalities. If you don’t get this option, it might go without a note.

Thus, it helps you to diagnose health conditions like lower back pain, sports injuries, sciatica, and spinal injuries. Apart from these advantages, it’s comfortable for heavier patients with a weight of up to 450 pounds.