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6 Interesting Facts About Bluetooth Speakers You Misunderstood

by Fabian Ortiz
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Bluetooth speakers are one of the most popular contemporary Bluetooth applications. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth in general.

Let’s look at some of these misconceptions and dispel them so you can see how useful the best bass Bluetooth speaker truly is.

#1. Bluetooth drains the battery.

One of the most frequent misconceptions regarding Bluetooth speakers is that connecting devices through Bluetooth drains the battery quickly. This legend has some truth. It all goes back to the early days of smartphones and Bluetooth, when phones didn’t have the most amazing battery life. This is less of an issue now than before, thanks to advancements in phones, laptops, desktops, and Bluetooth speakers.

#2. You shouldn’t use Bluetooth speakers because Bluetooth is harmful.

Radio, Bluetooth, phone transmissions, and wireless communications have all been questioned in the past. People should be worried about their health. The health effects of radio waves remain a mystery, and there will always be misunderstandings. Although many studies have connected Bluetooth to radiation, there is no solid proof that mobile phone signals may damage users’ health and well-being.

#3. Wi-Fi may affect Bluetooth speakers & vice versa.

Another frequent misconception is that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfere with one other. Bluetooth, like any other wireless technology, is based on radio waves. The 2.4GHz radiofrequency is used by Bluetooth in particular. In fact, everything that communicates through radio waves, from a smart microwave to Wi-Fi, operates at the same frequency. The good news is that contemporary technology has once again rescued the day. There is no loss in audio quality or transmission speed because of other networks.

#4. Unreliable Bluetooth speakers.

Another misconception that dates back to the early days of technology is that Bluetooth speakers are unreliable. Indeed, there was a period when they weren’t. They would often disconnect and have difficulty transmitting data. The best bass Bluetooth speakers are much more dependable these days than they’ve ever been.

#5. Bluetooth isn’t able to pass through walls.

When you attempt to hear anything from another room, what happens? Doesn’t sound quite as nice, does it? The substance in the wall may affect the quality and loudness of sound coming from another room. As a signal travels through the air, it loses power and becomes weaker. That’s why the farther you go from a signal, the softer it becomes. Strong radio waves, such as those emitted by a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, may, nevertheless, penetrate through walls. A signal may be harmed by barriers, but it cannot be blocked entirely.

#6. Bluetooth Speakers aren’t perfect when it comes to bass.

If you ask anybody the biggest flaw with Bluetooth speakers, they’ll almost certainly tell you that they lack bass. This is another urban legend that has some truth to it. True, Bluetooth speakers are more lightweight and portable, which means they don’t have as much space for bass. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of getting excellent bass from a Bluetooth speaker. The newest Bluetooth speakers provide a lot of basses while being light and portable.

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