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8 Reasons Every Business Need a Website in 2020

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When you ask a business owner why they don’t have a website, you will find three to four common answers. The replies will probably be, “I am not tech-savvy,” “they are too expensive,” “managing one is time-consuming,” or the most common answer, “I have enough business, and I don’t need one!”

The reality is that building a business website is neither time-consuming, neither too expensive, nor you need to be tech-savvy. Instead, not having a website is probably costing you more time and money.

According to a survey, 81% of New York people try to research a business online before purchasing. The number is more dominating for B2B companies. So, if you do not have a website, you’re lacking behind all.

So, you are convinced, right? If the answer is yes, then search Google about website development company in New York to build your own website right now. If your answer is no, keep reading….

Here are 8 reasons why your business must have a website in 2020!

Reason #1: Expectation of Customers

You may not be a tech-savvy person, but your tech-savvy customers want you to have a website. They want to find more information about your business online. Moreover, business websites are great ways to deliver your essential marketing messages 24-7-365 online. Most websites are informational and tell customers what problem they are solving, except e-commerce websites.

Reason #2: Accessibility

It does not matter how much five star ratings you have on social media sites or other sites like Yelp. A website makes your business more accessible to consumers. It helps your consumers to reach you quickly, thus increase in sales and visibility. Make sure that your customer can find you 24-7.

Reason #3: Brand Awareness

It is one of the most important reasons. Showcasing your brand to your consumers is absolutely necessary. By clearly stating what you are and what you do, you increase customers’ chance of buying from you. Without a website, customers can not get necessary and credible information about your brand.

Reason #4: Increase Credibility

Building a website is an excellent way to show that you are taking your business seriously. You can damage your credibility by not having a website in an age where more than 50% of people try to find their service through an online search on their smartphone. For an example, you can see website design agency Long Island.

Reason #5: ROI Maximization

In this digital transformation era, making a website through wordpress.com and blogger.com does not cost you much. However, having a Search Engine Optimized website ensures that thousands can easily find you online through a simple search. The value you get from an SEO friendly website is worth your buck.

Reason #6: Saves Time

You may be confused at this point. Many businesses get a call from their prospective buyers regularly for simple questions such as their location or pricing. Your staff can also get distracted while attending calls. A website frees you from those hassles.

Reason #7: Digital Marketing

If you plan on leveraging digital marketing strategies to grow your business, a website is a must. Posting ads will drive traffic to your website or landing page even more. Thus you will get a better ROI. So, if you plan to spend on ads, it is better to build a website first. Because these two cannot be done simultaneously.

Reason #8: Competitors

Last but not least, most of your competitors probably already have a website running. Not having one is a disadvantage for you because your customers can not compare, so they will not consider your business. Websites have become essential for business today.

So, are you convinced now? Building a website is not a very complex work. You can easily hire a website development company to make your website for you. You can surely improve it over time. However, the start is the key.

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