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Top Scrap Metal Haulers in Long Island

by Fabian Ortiz
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If you have a house, you’re bound to have some scrap metal. Unlike other junk, we don’t regularly clean scrap metal. This is because scrap metal junk doesn’t increase in a week, it becomes a huge pile in quite some time. For example, an old lawnmower, an old bicycle, tire rings, etc. When you finally see that you have accumulated quite a lot of scrap metal, you decide to have them removed.

But removing scrap metal is not an easy task. They’re heavy, rusty, and some are very sharp. Removing them without proper precaution could lead to an injury. The safest choice is to hire scrap metal haulers. Here are the best scrap metal haulers in Long Island.

Jiffy Junk

Jiffy Junk is a junk removal and hauling service provider and unlike much other junk removals, they aren’t selective about what kind of scrap metal junk they will take. They don’t require their clients to do any work or make any preparation before they arrive. The client can just call them and tell them where the scrap metal junk is, and they will do the work for them. Jiffy Junk will pick up every kind of scrap metal that you have, separate the items that are able to be recycled, and dispose of the rest. They offer junk removal for all residential and commercial clients and their needs. They offer demolition services as well.

1800 Got-Junk

1800 Got Junk is a renowned junk pick up service which provides quick and efficient junk pick up service for residential and commercial clients. As long as the item you have is non-hazardous, they will take it. They are full-service junk removal and hauling service which makes junk removal easy. You don’t have to do any of the work if you call them. They will do literally all the work. They remove residential junk like furniture, appliances, carpeting, rugs, glass, pool tables, etc. They remove commercial junk like computers, notebooks, printers, etc. They also remove scrap metal. Aluminum, copper, brass, iron, lead, nickel no matter what kind of scrap metal you have, they can take it from you.


Junkluggers is another top-quality junk removal and hauling service. They remove both residential and commercial junk. They remove common household items like tires, carpet, freezers, TVs, appliances, furniture, etc. They remove commercial items like desks, monitor screens, office chairs, fax machines, printers, etc. The construction materials they remove include concrete, sinks, soil, dirt, bricks, logs, etc. They remove scrap metal smoothly.


Getting rid of scrap metal is hard, but it’s easy if you have the right scrap metal haulers. Picking up all the scrap metal, loading it, and taking it to the proper facility to sell or recycle is a hard job. But if you call one of these scrap metal haulers AKA junk haulers near me, they will take care of it conveniently.

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