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Top 7 Healthcare Issues That Should Be Resolved

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The following are the top healthcare issues.

1. Healthcare Policy

The current healthcare policies around the world are not really supportive. Different government introduce polices but they are not implemented and new ones are introduced again. In between all this, the one who really suffers is the patient. There is a need of regular and nationwide healthcare policies for everyone without any discrimination in order to offer equal and same health services to people.

2. Total Consumer Health

Various studies and reports show that overall healthcare services have improved but there are still a huge number of patients in every department. The overall consumer health has not improved considering the improvements in healthcare services and technological facilities like free DICOM viewer. This is something most of the developing and under-developed countries are concerned about.

3. Research and Development

Most of the diseases that could have been cured and controlled a long before are still prevalent in the societies and across the world. That is basically because of less research and no investment from the governments. There is a dire need that governments as well as private investors spend more on healthcare research to improve the quality of treatment and serve the masses on larger scales.

4. Healthcare and Technology


Everyone believes healthcare is one of the top sectors that has benefited the most out of technology, latest tools (like wireless systems, automation, and free DICOM viewer), and improved the healthcare services. However, there is still a challenge for the hospitals to use the expensive tools and equipment. Hospitals can’t afford such tools and the governments as well as private manufacturers need to facilitate hospitals. There is a need to introduce cheaper alternates to what the hospitals need.

5. Cloud Computing for Health Data

There are few options at the moment but hospitals have huge data that is called big data. The big data needs to be utilized for research purposes. Moreover, for storing such huge data, the hospitals need better storage services. Though cloud services are helping in this regard with their tools like data centric approach and free DICOM viewer Mac, there is still a need to provide hospitals with better cloud storage options where they can save and store important files, imaging data as well as other information about the patients.

6. Cybersecurity Concerns

Many experts believe this is one of the top challenges for healthcare sector. Though many options allow hospitals to store and save the data and protect it. But the hackers attack huge data, the big data, because it can be used for many purpose. The quantity of the patient data makes it vulnerable to attacks and hacking. For this reason, the healthcare needs to improve its data protection and secure in better ways.


7. Invoicing and Payments

These days, governments are offering health cards to the patients. That means the patients will afford their health expenses through these cards with a certain amount. But the hospitals are not supporting such options. They are depriving patients of treatment in one way and losing a huge number of clients in other way. This needs to be addressed. Hospitals should develop a mechanism that can process such invoices and allows patients to get their treatment.

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