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The 7 Best Ways to Use Crystal Pyramids

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For millennia, civilizations have been enthralled by pyramids, and nearly every culture has utilized this form to achieve spiritual awakening. Its geometrical shape amplifies any vibration or Pranic energy (life energy).

Crystal pyramids are utilized in healing, energy management, meditation, construction, and decoration. Before you buy a crystal pyramid online, here are some of the best ways you can use these gems!

#1. Energy Healing

Pyramids are all around you. The pyramids will easily pull energy down, raising your vibrations. If you’re doing bodywork, ask your practitioner to utilize your crystal healing pyramids as Chakra Stones. When you use Pyramids in crystal therapy, you benefit from both their Power and the healing qualities of the stones you’re working with. You can also buy healing crystals online besides crystal healing pyramids.

#2. Meditation

Place a Crystal Pyramid in your palm or in front of you as you meditate to utilize it as a meditation tool. If you have a meditation area, you may put it anyplace in that room or holy location. The pyramid’s energy assists you in raising your vibrations so that you may go to the next stage of spiritual growth.

#3. Reiki

To increase the potency of your pyramid, infuse Reiki energy into it. Inputting your goals into a crystal helps to concentrate the therapeutic effects on your specific needs. This may be for whatever you want, including greater love, money, health, spirituality, or anything else.

#4. Yoga

Yoga requires a high level of focus when keeping poses. The crystal pyramid in your field of sight provides a focal point for your attention. Pyramids are an excellent yoga tool since they assist in increasing your vibration not only spiritually but also physically. Yoga maintains your body and mind in shape, while the pyramid improves your physical and mental well-being.

#5. Youthfulness  

Place the crystal pyramid by your bedside to help you maintain your youthful appearance. The pyramid will help you get a good night’s sleep, which will help you look younger. Another pyramid can be put near your vanity or mirror. The pyramid’s preservation abilities have been treasured by kings and queens for ages. Its benefits have been tested and proved.

#6. Store Food

Place the crystal pyramid in your fridge to maximize the crystal pyramid’s food preservation abilities. This not only extends the shelf life of your food but also preserves its nutritional content. You may also place food within a copper pyramid, using a method identical to the one described above for the bed.

#7. Elixir

To create an elixir, place your crystal pyramid in or near your water jug. Keep it there for a couple of hours. This will invigorate your water supply, and when you drink it, it will provide a direct bodily benefit. It will assist you in maintaining excellent health and a solid physique.

Please keep in mind that the pyramid must be well cleaned before being immersed in the elixir. Furthermore, not all stones can be utilized to create elixirs since some (Selenite and Angelite) may have harmful side effects.

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