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Some of the Best Methods to Clean Your Suede Shoes

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Do you love to wear suede shoes? If yes, then today’s content will be beneficial for you. Here we will present some best ways that will help you to clean the shoes very quickly. Mainly, we will present the household items to clean your shoes.

Many people think they need to buy expensive shoe take care items to keep the shoes shiny. But there are lots of things that will help you to clean the suede shoes. We will present all the household items, so you do not need to spend much money on them.

After reading this content, we hope that you do not need to give money to a cobbler to polish your shoes. So, before you look for high quality men’s shoes, let’s go through the below discussion till the end.


Well, most people keep vinegar in their homes. We all know several usages of vinegar. Mainly, vinegar works amazingly to clean dust and stain. However, to clean your shoes, vinegar can plays a vital role.

Mostly, vinegar comes with acidic properties that are why it can clean things perfectly. If you notice then you will see that our shoes get very tough dust. So, here, vinegar can be the best option.

Even, it is not high in price. That means you can get the perfect polished look once you clean your shoes with vinegar. In the below discussion, we will describe that how you can clean the shoes with vinegar.

Soft Towels

First, you have to take the suede shoes and clean all the dry dust with the brush. After that, you have to use a soft towel to start the vinegar treatment. If you feel comfortable, then you can use the cleaning wipes as well.

But soft towels can do the same job. Once you remove the dry dust, you have to pour some vinegar on the towels and gently rub it on the shoes. If you get some tough stain, you can use the soft shoe brush to remove all the things. By following these simple steps, you can always keep your high quality comfortable shoes or any other shoes shiny.

Erase the Things as Much You Can

When you clean your shoes, it is vital to remove all the stains from them. Many people think they need to buy a suede eraser, but we suggest using the pencil eraser. But of course, you have to make sure that you are using a new pencil eraser. Otherwise, the dirty pencil can make your shoes dirty.

Use Dry Cleaners

Last but not least, you can try the dry cleaners to clean your shoes. Mostly, the suede shoes prefer a wet cleanse. Still, if you do not feel comfortable with that, you can go for the dry cleaning process. It will also be a great way to keep the clean shoes clean forever. Indeed, it is the easiest way to remove the dust from the shoes.

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