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Learn from These 5 Common Hospital Problems to Avoid Them

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Running a hospital is not easy and there are a number of problems that arise on a daily basis. The patients who enter the hospital face potentially life-threatening risks if the hospital makes any mistakes. Here are a few common problems a hospital has to face.

1. Not Having Time to Deal with Patients’ Complaints

Hearing the patients’ complaint is important for a hospital. It is the healthcare worker’s job to listen to what they have to say. Not only it will solve their problem, but it will also make your hospital a better place. Surveys and apps won’t do anything until the voice of patients is not heard. Listening to them and assuring them will solve 99% of the problem. You can reach patient satisfaction by listening to them.

2. Errors in Medication

Medication errors have been a common problem for nearly two decades now. There are more than 500,000 cases of wrong medication each year in hospitals which cause serious, life-threatening injuries or even death. Medication is a delicate method and a slight misplacement of a decimal point can result in serious injuries. The wrong medication has actually made the best cases turn into worse. This is a risk that patients know that they have to take when they walk into a hospital. Make sure that your hospital workers know about the proper medicines even the herbal ones. Don’t be frustrated if a patient asks you why they need a particular medicine, just explain it to them.

3. Internet Bandwidth

Increasing the bandwidth of the internet is important. Slow internet can cause problems in slowing down the workflow in your office. Wi-Fi should also maintain a steady and fast speed for patient’s attendant to use. Not only that, not all but many devices that are present in a patient’s room rely on Wi-Fi to monitor the data that’s why it is important that the Wi-Fi device supports a wide range of electronic devices.

4. Efficiency of Staff

There can be times in a hospital where the efficiency of the staff is not up to par. This can be a result of a shortage of staff or high traffic in the hospital. The patients are somewhat neglected in this process which is bad for their health. Delayed diagnosis of a patient can cause delayed recovery and may even extend their stay at the hospital. Your staff needs to stay vigilant and prepared for anything and minimizing the errors in the process.

5. Follow-Up for the Patient

Discharging the patient seems like a very simple enough step but there are a lot more complications to it. First of all, the billing system needs to be clear and everything should be accounted for and explained to the patients. Secondly, the follow-up instructions for the patients should be made very clear to them, including the packing of medicine and the next checkup appointment. Hospitals miss this detail and get a reduction in patient satisfaction.

6. Old Equipment and IT Tools

Some hospitals don’t upgrade that quick which makes it difficult for doctors and nurses to provide proper care. If you want to learn from it, keep upgrading stuff like cloud medical imaging. If you have a managed service that’s providing you cloud service, then you can relax, because they will handle medical records storage update themselves.


These common hospital mistakes should be taken into account when you are trying to improve patient satisfaction. This will also reduce the risk of any serious injuries or untimely death of a patient.

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