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Don’ts and Do’s of Hair and Scalp Care for Your Babies

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If you have a newborn baby, it is vital to know some essential tips for the baby’s hair and scalp. You know that baby’s hair and skin are so sensitive. And they need some extra care as well.

Even the baby scalp cannot tolerate many things that also you should know. In a word, you have to know the don’ts with the dos. Well, we will present basic don’ts and do’s on the below discussion.

Hopefully, it will help you to give proper care to your baby’s hair and scalp. So, before you look for small white noise machine, let’s know more about it.


Firstly, we will talk about what you must do with your baby’s hair and scalp. Well, to give the proper care, you have to select one right shampoo. Mostly, you have to make sure that selective shampoo is paraben-free.

Also, ensure the tear-free and mild shampoo for your baby. You can go for herbal shampoo as well. Moreover, you have to select the right hair oil as well. To boost up the baby’s hair growth, you can use castor oil.  


You may know that massaging hair and scalp is essential to get healthy hair and scalp. Also, it is very effective in boosting up hair growth. So, you have to give your newborn baby an oil-massage for 5 to 10 minutes at least to boost hair growth. Also, it will help to increase the blood circulation of your baby’s head.


Most of the time, the baby lies down on the bed. As a result, they get a bald spot on their head. So, you have to let the baby play on the tummy side. Also, you can take the baby on your lap for some time. It will help you to prevent the bald spot on the baby’s head. You can buy a portable baby swing set which have soft cloths that is good for your baby’s hair.


We all know that the sun rays are very harmful to everyone’s skin. At an identical time, it is very harmful to the baby’s skin and hair as well. When you are taking your baby outside, use one light and wide-brimmed cap on the baby’s head.


Sometimes the parents become irresponsible about the baby’s haircut. They wait until the hair cutting turns into a necessity. But we will suggest you give a haircut every two months. It helps to grow the baby’s hair and also ensures a great look to the baby.


Using too many hair clips and bands is not suitable for the baby’s hair. So, try to untie your baby’s hair as much as possible. Mostly, one has to remember that you are not tying a baby’s hair after a bath. In a word, skip all types of hair items at least the age of two years of your baby.


Lastly, we will suggest you not using the adult’s hair items. There are huge baby hair care items are available in the market. Select any baby items from there. Make sure that the shampoo is paraben and tear-free. Also, you can select herbal baby items if your baby has extremely sensitive skin.

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