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Cleaning Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities

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1. Staff Training

The foremost thing to do is giving training to your staff. Just like how you trained staff for using free web based DICOM viewer, it doesn’t matter how senior or junior the member is, training makes everyone learn a lot of things so make sure you first know the cleaning guidelines yourself and then organize a session where you educate and train your staff members those guidelines. They should be taught how to keep the hospital facilities clean and how to disinfect and sterilize the equipment before they are used on a patient.

2. Disinfect the Daily Use Objects

There are several daily objects that are been touched by the staff members and who knows if they have properly disinfected their hands before touching it or not. So, it is very important to disinfect those objects as well such phones, drawer pull, doorknobs and handles, tabletops, TV or AC remote or armchairs in order to dwindle the risk of viruses and infections.

3. Keep Your Tools Maintained

Cleaning the tools before using them on any patient is a must. If you don’t clean or sterilize them after using on a patient, there could be a great chance of transference of dangerous viruses and bacteria to the next patient you use the unsterilized tools on. Apart from cleaning, also make sure that your tools are maintained and updated, add oil to make them work smoothly and replace if they are very old.

4. Prepare Things Beforehand

It is essential that you keep all the things required for disinfecting and cleaning things so that the chance of cross-contamination is diminished, and optimal efficiency and results are achieved.

5. Make a Checklist

Before starting the cleaning project of the healthcare facility, it is important that you stay organized. For that, make a checklist or to-do list for the things to be cleaned in sequence and cut the things from it as you complete that particular task. Also, make teams and divide the work among all so that the time is saved, and work is done properly.

6. Use Labels

Never ever put the chemicals or products without a label because it can cause misunderstanding and could be used for the wrong purpose. Also, it can be dangerous in some cases. So, make sure that the chemicals are labelled that which disinfectant is effective against which bacteria or virus, so the right product is used for the purpose.

7. Clean the Bathrooms

It is extremely necessary to keep the bathrooms clean and tidy so that people can use it easily. Hiring someone who could clean the bathrooms on a daily basis would be great. Also, don’t forget to disinfect the sinks, water taps, toilet seats and the sink bowls.

8. Personal Safety

Apart from all of the above tips for keeping the facility clean, make sure you take care of your personal hygiene by washing your hands with disinfectants after removing the gloves or touching something unsterilized unintentionally. Don’t touch everything in the healthcare facility without even thinking as you have no idea that which thing carries a team of germs or bacteria and which doesn’t.

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