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Book More Loads: Facebook Marketing Tactics for Freight Dispatchers

by Fabian Ortiz
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Facebook offers immense opportunities for freight dispatchers and trucking companies to attract new clients and book more loads. This comprehensive guide covers 10 proven Facebook marketing strategies to expand your reach and fill your trucks.

Let’s dive into specific tactics from targeted ads to engaging content that delivers real results for dispatchers.

Create a Company Page

Have an official Facebook Page for your dispatch or trucking business.

  • Add key details like services, contact info, and photos of your team.
  • Respond to messages and inquiries during business hours.
  • Share dispatch and industry news, job openings, etc.

Run Facebook Ads

Leverage Facebook’s targeting to connect with shippers or carriers.

  • Target ads by location, industry, and interests relevant to shipping needs.
  • Run ads promoting your services and capabilities as a truck dispatcher.
  • Retarget site visitors with ads for free load search, quote requests, etc.

Join and Engage in Groups

Participate in industry-specific shipping and trucking groups.

  • Join as your Page to establish your business as an expert.
  • Respond to shipper questions and requests for guidance.
  • Share relevant news, advice, and promotions for your services.

Go Live or Create Videos

Use Facebook Live or native video to connect.

  • Give live tours of your dispatch center.
  • Create quick videos with tips for shippers or owner-operators.
  • Share recordings on your Page and in relevant groups.

Post Client Testimonials

Highlight positive client experiences.

  • Share short text, photo, or video testimonials.
  • Re-share user-generated testimonials and reviews from your Page.
  • This builds trust and credibility for potential new clients.

Spotlight Successful Loads

Showcase your dispatch services in action by highlighting unique or challenging loads.

  • Share photos of secured shipments, describe the client’s needs, and how you delivered.
  • Reinforces your expertise and ability to handle different types of freight.
Best truck dispatcher service
Best truck dispatcher service

Leverage Retargeting Pixels

Bring back website visitors through ads.

  • Install the Facebook pixel on your site.
  • Retarget visitors with customized ad offers.
  • Help convert prospects exploring your services.

Promote Case Studies

Feature specific client examples and successes.

  • g. Helped manufacturer ship 500 freight orders monthly across western states.
  • Include stats on cost savings, transit times improved, or other impact you drove.

Foster Social Proof

Leverage positive social proof in your marketing.

  • Share client reviews, testimonials, and recommendations on your Page.
  • Repost user-generated posts, reviews, or mentions of your dispatch services.

Analyze Performance

Track metrics to refine what works.

  • Review Facebook Insights data on engagement, clicks, and conversions for ads and posts.
  • Continuously optimize page content and ad creatives based on top-performing elements.

Now you’re ready to maximize your trucking business’ reach on Facebook and book more loads! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Facebook ads work best?

Highly targeted ads focused on specific locations, industries, job titles, or interests tend to perform best. Leverage detailed targeting options for shipping/trucking ads.

What should I post on my Facebook Page?

Post dispatch tips, job openings, company news, client testimonials, live videos, case studies, press mentions, etc. Offer a mix of educational and promotional updates.

How much should I budget for Facebook advertising?

Aim for a monthly ad budget equal to 10-20% of your projected revenue from new clients. Scale the budget up or down based on the ROI you achieve.

How often should I post on Facebook?

2-3 times per week is optimal for most service business pages to build engagement while avoiding oversaturation. Test posting more or less frequently and track results.

What types of videos resonate most?

Quick tip videos, live Q&As, office tours, client testimonial videos, and behind-the-scenes dispatcher ride-alongs tend to engage audiences well.

Should I engage in industry Facebook groups?

Yes, joining and participating in relevant shipping and trucking groups as your Page can significantly expand your reach and connections.

What metrics should I track?

Track page followers, post reach/engagement, website clicks, ad clickthrough rate, cost per lead, and conversions from Facebook.

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