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7 Things That Android Smartphones Can’t Do

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In the world where technology has taken over everything and has made our lives a lot easier, there are many inventions that we can count on as a necessity of today’s life. One such invention is the smartphone, the more current device the more features and improvements it has. Android smartphones are highly demanded and has over 80% smartphones market share. However, there are few things that an Android smartphone is unable to do such as:

1. System Updates Are Not Received Immediately

When the smartphone manufacturer releases new system updates, every Android smartphone does not receive the update instantly. However, the latest Android phones get the notification very soon but some phones which are a year or more than one year older don’t receive the notification to make their phone up to date and enjoy the latest features even after several months. Some older phones receive new version updates, eventually, but some never do. When buy phone outright, do check which version of Android they can be updated to.

2. Androids Can Get Hacked Easily

Android smartphones have more users iOS all around the globe which makes it easier for hackers to attack and hack Android smartphones. However, this can be avoided by not visiting unreliable sites and avoiding installing apps that are not from credible names.

3. No Feature of Synchronized Messages

Android lacks the feature of synchronized messaged which mean you can only receive or send messages from a single device which has your network sim. There is so such Android ID through which you can get the access to your messages on other Android smartphone.

4. Not All Android Phones Have Touch ID

Android phones are not likely to adapt new technologies as fast as Apple do. All Android phones don’t have fingerprint sensors which makes the users worried about their phone’s security, only the ones that come with Marshmallow have. And to improve the security of the phones, many manufacturers started to implement the feature themselves.

5. No Default Video Call Feature

If you are an Android user and want to communicate with your close ones through a video call then, you would need an application which allows you to make video calls using your internet. An iPhone has an in-house facetime feature through which you can make video calls without any need of a third-party application, Android lacks the feature. But, not to mention, there are literally thousands of video call apps on Google Play Store.

6. Can’t Make Payments Through Messages

An exceptional feature of iPhones is that you can make payments through simple text messages which has made life a lot easier for Apple users. But Android users are still unable to enjoy the feature.

7. Built-In Screen Recording

Android phones don’t have a built-in screen recording feature. There are many important things that you need to record and save, but for that, you would need an application from Google Play Store in order to record screen.

No one and nothing is perfect. Every device has some excellent features and lacks some, Android smartphones have so many amazing more characteristics as well that let its users stick to Android. However, if you think there are lacking in Android and looking for mobile phones outright to buy, iPhones are the best option for you.

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