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7 Most Common Hair Questions You Wanted Answer

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Good hair care is a must for healthy hair. However, we have always drooled on the question of what actually good hair care means. We know you have many questions like this.

Let’s answer your most common hair questions.

Question-1: Is It Worth Spending Time & Money on Shampoo & Conditioner?

Hey, yes and no. While the consistency of products from specialist vs. high street hair brands ranges tremendously, it costs better to use haircare specially tailored to the hairstyle. While investing in professional hair care products brands is completely worth it, take the time to talk to a hairdresser who will educate you about the products you can use for the best results, too.

Question-2: Can My Lifestyle Affect My Hair Health?

Not only can your diet, sleep, and daily activities have a significant effect on the general health of your body, but also on that of your hair. It will boost the shine and power of your hair by consuming a diet high in protein, antioxidants, and biotin from salmon, eggs, and veggies. Also, daily exercise will help promote hair growth and circulate the scalp with nutrients. As the absence of zzz’s will lead to hair loss and a super oily scalp, make sure you get your full eight hours of sleep too.

Question-3: How Often I Need to Wash My Hair?

The amount of hair washing is not the same for everybody, believe it or not. It all depends on the form of the scalp. Twice a week, those with regular and dry scalp should wash their hair, while those with oily scalp can do so every other day.

Question-4: Should I Use a Color Specific Shampoo?

Completely. Absolutely! Not only can the use of a particular color solution help to prolong your color and minimize color fading, but it will also condition and preserve your hair. If you have highlights, continue to use a product that will keep the color looking fresher for longer, as well as a conditioner such as that rebuilds and restores your hair. The better the state of your hair, the better the color looks and lasts.

Question-5: Should I Use Banana Mask for Instant Nourishment?

Mash the ripe banana and apply one tablespoon each of the olive oil and honey. Mix well and let it sit on your hair before washing it off for 15 minutes. Although honey and oil preserve the missing moisture, bananas can make dry and rough hair fluffy.

Question-6: Can I Color My Hair During Pregnancy?

Although coloring your hair during pregnancy is not harmful, be careful of chemicals such as ammonia, which are commonly used in hair colors. Opt for a hair color that is free of ammonia and doesn’t apply global hair color.

Question-7: How to Solve Dandruff Problem?

The flaky scalp and dandruff is an uncomfortable sight and can be induced for different causes. Dandruff is dead skin cells that, if you itch your head, slip off even more. Relief from the dry and itchy scalp can be given by using an anti-dandruff shampoo.

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