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4 Things To Consider When Selecting An Indoor Dog House

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Owning a dog is surely an exciting experience, but it does not come without responsibility. As a dog owner, it’s your job to look after your pet the best way you can, part of which includes choosing the perfect indoor dog house furniture. Therefore, here are some tips that will for picking the perfect option for your furry friend.

1. Consider Your Dog’s Size

Amongst the most important factors that will help you choose the right dog house is considering your dog’s size. Small and medium-sized dogs can live in an indoor space that measures around 2.5 feet. You wouldn’t want the space to be too large as the dog will find it difficult to stay warm and cozy during the winter season. However, that could be an asset in the summer season.

Furthermore, taller dogs need to stand up comfortably. Therefore, dog breeds that are relatively bigger in height will need around 3 to 4 feet. The goal here is to come up with a space that makes it easy for your dog to move around, stand and live in for years to come.

2. Materials

The next factor you need to consider is wood. Dog houses made of wood tend to be a perfect choice for colder regions. If you have the option of buying a plastic doghouse, you should avoid it. The reason is that they tend to retain too much heat during the summer season and make it quite cold for the dog to sleep inside in the winter. Opt for a dog house that comes with a roof made of wood. This will help block the sunlight and retain heat, keeping the house warm in winter.

3. Know Your Dog’s Preferences

Choosing a doghouse requires defining your needs and preferences, but that aside, don’t forget your dog has some needs as well. The reason is that at the end of the day, it is the dog that gets to sleep and lives inside for almost all its lifespan.

While some dogs tend to share their spaces with other pets, others do not. So, if you have multiple pets in the house, you will need to opt for a dog house with separation. This will prevent them from fighting with each other. In simple words, some dogs love sharing, while others like to be left alone.

4. Match It Well

By now, you must have matched yours as well as your dog’s needs and preferences. Finally, it comes down to matching the dog house with the home’s interior or exterior landscaping even though it is the least important factor but shouldn’t be an eyesore either.

That said, to make sure, you can opt for a custom-made dog house if you have the budget. If not, you should choose a dog house that blends in with your back or front yard, adding to the visual appeal.


In the end, choosing indoor dog house furniture is not that complicated. You simply need to make sure that your dog’s needs and preferences are met and that it feels comfortable spending its life inside without any complaints.

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