4 Reasons to Choose a Pediatrist over a Dentist for Your Kid


Well, you might find dentists all over your area but not pediatrists. If you live near South Carolina port city, you can easily find them by searching for dentist Charleston near me.

You may wonder who a pediatrist is. Well, a pediatrist is a dentist who is a specialized child dentist. A pediatrist has taken a general course on dental health then takes a two to three-year course specializing in child behaviors. Whereas a dentist generally specializes in a range of fields, not just for children.

Pediatric dentists are the general dentist for children and teens as their patients are generally children. Hence, they gather plenty of experience in treating children. A general dentist usually treats patients from all ranges, some specifies the range, but most do not. Here I will tell you why you should choose a pediatrist over a general dentist for your kid.

So, before you look for “Charlotte, NC, dentists near me” let’s read the article.

#1 Experience in the Field

A pediatrist is a dentist for children, which means the only patients of pediatrist are children. After treating lots of children, a dentist gathers a healthy amount of experience which a general dentist may not have.

A general dentist usually has experience in treating patients of all ages. This is one reason for going to the more experienced one.

#2 Understanding Children Comfort

Children are not adults, and they will not behave like adults. That is why they are children. Don’t expect a child to act like an adult when it comes to treatment. A pediatrist understands the needs of a child and acts accordingly.

For example, a pediatrist chamber is usually filled with colorful toys that comfort the children. The doctor himself plays with the kids. These behaviors help the kid to comfort with the dentist. It works perfectly when a child is calm during the treatment.

#3 Aware of Common Childhood Habits

Every child has some common habits such as licking the thumb, teeth grinding, etc. These acts may later affect the teeth and lead to dental issues. A pediatrist is aware of such child habits and knows how to deal with your kid.

Both younger kids and little kids may have some habits like this. A podiatrist can give a unique solution to improve their oral health. Moreover, a pediatrist can also give you suggestions to keep your boy’s teeth healthier.

#4 Save Your Cost

I am sure you did not see that coming. Well, a pediatrist will charge you as much as a general dentist. So, why am I saying that you can save some money here? A pediatrist is first a dentist than a child dentist. You and your kid both can get treated by the same doctor.

Suppose you have a dental problem; your kid is also having a dental problem. So, it would cost more for you to go to two different dentists. Instead, one single pediatrist can cure both of you. That would save your travelling cost, save your energy and most of all its less fatigue.