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4 Home Remodeling Hazards You Should Know About

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1. Home’s Air Quality

Yeah I know we all love to remodel our houses so that we experience a completely new ambiance and a new setting. Remodeling is also considered as a good option compared to moving to a new place because remodeling doesn’t really require taking early offs from your workplace every next day just because you have a meeting with a landlord or because your agent wants to take you to a house show.

Plus, it doesn’t even require as much work as shifting to a completely new place does. However, in all this, we fail to realize or maybe just ignore the hazards or harmful effects we are exposed to during remodeling. Firstly did you know that many building materials like paints, carpets, sealants and etc produce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and this harm our health like anything?

So I suggest if you are considering a remodeling make sure that you speak to your contractor about finishing and staining to be done off-site or outside so that you can reduce the risk to your family’s health. Also, make sure that your house has proper ventilation when this remodeling is going on because the harmful chemicals would only be able to escape out of your house if those windows in your house or those exhaust fans in your house are open.

2. Children and Four Legged Friend’s Curiosity

Trust me no matter how much you try to stop your children from going into the area where construction is being done, they will still go there. Their curiosity about those echoing noises and those strong smells and your continuous command of not going there will push them to find a way to escape that room jail you have locked them in and feed their curiosity.

If this happens trust me it can prove to be more dangerous than you think. Trash piles, wires, paint strippers and even the tools and machinery can result in adverse and dangerous scenarios if accessed by your child or pet. So make sure you instruct your contractor to always pack up all their dangerous material and tools when they go home from work each day and for the day make sure you curtain out the area to ensure your child or pet misses out that area as they’re pretty naive.

3. Dust Danger

Trust me dust can not only cause an asthma attack but it can result in more severe diseases too! Because remember dust is something that is common between both lead and asbestos. So make sure you plan to control dust beforehand only. You can do this by leaving the room to the workers and not visiting it until the work in that room is completed and it’s a clean area. Moreover, you should also make sure that you have covered your furniture and air ducts to avoid any dust getting suck in it. Also, get the debris removed with help of debris removal in Austin TX services as soon as possible. You can compare junk trash removal Austin service plans and select the one you want to hire.

4. Mold Growth

So since we all know that damp and wet conditions lead to mold growth and this enemy mold is very dangerous for us. So make sure you tell your contractor to do drenching if required in any process, properly so that mold isn’t given a chance to start growing.

So, try to keep things tidy in the mess and use debris removal in Austin TX service for quick removal.

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