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17 Responsibilities and Duties of a Radiologist

by Fabian Ortiz
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Following are the things that radiologists do.

1. Diagnosis of Illness

The radiologists get patients with reference of doctors or when the doctor refers a patient to a radiologist. They have tools like DICOM viewer mac, X-rays and other machines to better find out the illness and its conditions. We know that some diseases cannot be diagnosed with bare human eyes or by the doctors. For such diseases, the equipment and machines can help and that is when a radiologist comes in handy.

2. Collaborate with Physicians

When the radiologists perform tests and get the image results using a DICOM viewer mac, they forward the reports and images to the doctors. The physician then calls the patients to update them about the diseases and conditions. If there is a need of any treatment, the doctor tells the patients for check-ups and follow up. In some cases, the physicians ask for further tests and image results that radiologists do perform.

3. Patient Efficiency

According to a Medscape report, the radiologists see more patients than other medical specialist. The reason is that a dental surgeon, a traditional doctor, surgeon of cancer or any other disease sends the patients for imaging and test to a radiologist. If you count all the patients, they are more than any doctor. For this, the radiologists must be efficient and show great work passion. They have to perform quick tasks and move on to the others.

4. Administer Treatment

The primary duty and responsibility of a radiologist is diagnosis of the illness and disease. But in some cases, they administer the treatments of patients and cooperate with the team members. There are some cases when the physicians recommend therapies that radiologist perform with the help of relevant medical teams. In serious cases of cancer, aggressive chemotherapies and radiation treatments are suggested that radiologist administer.

Apart from what we have discussed, there are some more duties and responsibilities of the radiologists that are as follows:

  1. They provide guidance and advice on qualities of radiology tools and instruments for maintaining better facilities.
  2. They do participate in research work and studies related to radiology.
  3. They develop treatment plans and options for the radiology patients.
  4. Sometimes, they administer and supervise radiology works by the juniors and make sure the right techniques are used for diagnosis.
  5. Interpret and prepare image results using tools like DICOM free online viewer.
  6. They also conduct physical examinations to inform decisions.
  7. Evaluate and assess radiology tools and machines to reduce patient risks and harms.
  8. Ensuring patient safety while they do imaging and other tests recommended by the doctors.
  9. They should know when it comes to operating radiology machines and equipment
  10. They also monitor some patients carefully.
  11. On the basis of image results and reports, doctors consult with the radiologists to recommend courses and treatment options that they have to do.
  12. Administering nuclear medicine, oncology, or other radiation techniques to treat patients with illnesses or diseases.
  13. They are sometimes also responsible for prescribing medication.

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