Some Useful Tips to Keep in Mind Regarding Website Designs & Development


Website design and development is one of the most thrilling jobs. Designing and developing go hand in hand when it comes to websites. While bad designs can almost ruin user experiences, having developers build a good layout is a must. If you happen to be a designer or developer, you have to know the latest trends and technologies. Knowing them will make sure you don’t fall behind. Laggy, poorly designed websites won’t do good. Here are some useful tips to apply while designing a website.

1. Quick Loading

Everyone is in a hurry! It’s good to slow down a bit and let things slide slowly and smoothly. This, however, shouldn’t be the case when it comes to website designing and developing. If loading takes all the time, a user is bound to get annoyed and frustrated. So take care of that. Use apps or software to test the speed after you are finished building a website. You can always improve bits and pieces if you detect the problems.

2. Make Sure the Website Is Tracking Enabled

Make the website in such a way that it can keep a track of traffic, goals, and conversions. After all, you are making websites to run a profit, and keeping tabs on tracking will immensely help the website owners to know the important information.

3. CMS

Enabling Content Management System or CMS will help store the data. Another plus point is not much coding is needed when it comes to CMS, so it’s a good practice to create a web page with CMS.

4. Responsive Websites

Almost 80% percent of people view a website using their phones. So, this should be the core aspect when a designer or developer builds a website. Making an appealing and responsive website can do a great deal in business. People can access any sites without a PC and get their job done.

5. Tightening On-Site Security

Every site should have secured encryption. Protecting a user from malice, hackers, and trackers should be every designer’s duty. Fundamental security and privacy protocols should be established to protect client and user data.

6. Progressive Web Apps

This is indeed a progressive approach taken by website development services. Gauging the impact of mobile apps, the web designers came up with a hybrid version of website and app features known as Progressive Web Apps. This should be applied by every designer on a website for a more intense dynamic, for example, splash screens, animated page transitions, etc.

7. AI-Enabled Websites

It’s not necessary to learn now, at the moment but in future AI websites will be the talk of the town. Adobe Sensei is already delivering AI tools to many web designing companies worldwide and thus with these tools a new concept will be born.


It’s a designer and developer’s job to be up to date with technologies and designs. With time new and more innovative approaches will invade the designing market. Competition is going to be high, thus in order to stay strong in the game both front and backend designers need to acquire more knowledge to progress.